Switchere Exchange Crypto - Up to 1% Сashback

Switchere Exchange Crypto - Up to 1% Сashback
  • Promotion Type: Cash Back
  • Promotion Period: Unlimited
  • Promotions: Up to 1% Сashback

Switchere Exchange Crypto

Unlock endless earning potential by exchanging, selling and buying crypto at Switchere. Double your profits — receive cashback when you buy crypto with a bank card or swap crypto-to-crypto.

Buy / Sell / Exchange Crypto With Up to 1% Сashback

Increase Cashback Level

Receiving cashback for your purchases/exchanges on the website is as easy as one-two-three! Use the Switchere exchange services, earn splendid cashback and upgrade your cashback status with every exchange (buy, sell or swap) operation. The more you buy or exchange, the greater % of cashback you will receive.

How to get CashBack

1. Join Switchere
Register an account complete ID verification (≈ 5-10 minutes).

2. Buy / Sell / Exchange
Buy / sell / exchange crypto on Switchere.

3. Receive Cashback
Cashback earnings are added to your account reward balance.

What is CashBack?

Cashback is a percentage of the amount spent by our customers for sales, purchases of crypto and/or exchange operations on the website, which is paid back to the user’s reward balance in the form of cashback earnings in SWR reward points (1 SWR = 1 EUR).

How do I earn CashBack?

First, it is necessary to register an account and complete identity verification on Switchere. Once it is done, you can start using the exchange services. You will automatically receive cashback in SWR units to your accounts reward balance after making every purchase/sale/exchange operation on the website.

How to withdraw Cashback earnings?

All cashback rewards are automatically credited to your reward balance in SWR. The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 SWR and the withdrawal of funds can be made in Bitcoins (BTC) or any other supported cryptocurrencies on the website at any time. Currency conversion SWR-to-crypto is made at the current exchange rate.

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